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Pave the Way Foundation only recommends organizations which we feel are effective or have a proven record of success or have the true spirit of this struggle between the faiths, that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time.

The following organizations, we feel, have shown themselves to be genuinely working towards their goals and mission.


March 8, 2012, Four directors of PTWF visited a wonderful young man, Mr. Neil Curtis, whose spiritual awakening has led him to write a book on the universality he discovered in communing with the creator. He has given us permission to post a PDF of his book- No God? Know God free of charge.  If you wish to purchase  No God ? Know God by Neil Curtis please go to the Amazon link.


French site on Pope Pius XII

Three Faiths Forum  The three faiths forum was founder by my friend and mentor Sir Sigmund Sternberg. It paved the way to improving relations between the faiths. The following is a video of their organization's projects and goals. Many of these mirror our core mission but follow more of a theological road while PTWF focuses on the practical obstacles between the faiths. Two roads to the same destination. Please watch this informative video on the three faiths forum. (it may take several minutes to download but is well worth the wait).

The Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation

Center for Islamic Pluralism

Center for Jewish Christian Understanding -Sacred Heart University

Center for Interreligious Understanding

The Centre for the study of Jewish-Christian Relations of Cambridge University


Humanitad is a marvelous international organization, which seeks real practical solutions to deal with all of the world's problem. PTWF encourages the concerned around the world to participate in the upcoming global impact forum 2007 where you can actually participate and make a difference.

Ten Commandments Day

The elder brothers and sisters Foundation of Miami, Florida focuses on the historic Interreligious  gestures first initiated by Pope John Paul II

The life of Pope Pius XII (movie coming soon)

Friends of Pave the Way