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August 2011


News and Events


Muslims Reach Out to Help Christian Orthodox World

Pave the Way Foundation Praises Yad Vashem for it's Revision of the Exhibit of Pius XII

Gary Krupp Delivers Commencement address at St. Thomas Aquinas College. Gary and Meredith Krupp awarded doctorates

Pave the Way Foundation Announces 2011 Awards Gala Benefit to Honor Four Distinguished Individuals 

Gary Krupp Listed as one of the Ten people in the World for 2010 by Inside Vatican Magazine

Gary Krupp speaks at the National Press Club Washington DC. January 12, 2011

 Gary Krupp Interview on Talk Line 

Moscow's Assault on the Vatican

Future Pope Pius XII acted to save 200,000 Jews 3 weeks after Kristallnacht 

Pave the Way Foundation to Reveal WWII Documents from Vatican Secret Archives 

Gary Krupp Interview on NET TV Brooklyn New York

Friend of the Jews- Pius XII real wartime record

Pave the Way Foundation Announces Intention to Nominate Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII for Yad Vashem “Righteous Among Nations” Honor

Frank MacKay join the Board of Pave the Way Foundation

Pave the Way locates revealing documents in Germany

Pave the Way discovers 2300 documents

Pave the Way Foundation receives and substantial donation

Conrad Black: Pius XII was on the right side

Pave the Way Letter of thanks to Pope Benedict XVI for his visit to the Holy Land      

Stop persecuting Pope Pius XII- Article by Gary Krupp

Pave the Way wishes to clarify a statement on the Graham Documents

What the Koran Says about the Land of Israel

Documents show Pius saved Jews from Nazis (PTWF)

Newly discovered documents prove Pope Pius XII was a friend of the Jews before, during and after WWII

Pope says Holocaust denial 'intolerable'

Vatican-Jewish Relations on the Mend

Vatican Clearly States their motives in lifting the ban of excommunication

PTWF Comments on the media misinterpretation of the action of Pope Benedict XVI

Superior of the SSPX makes a statement about Jews and Anti-Semitism

Rabbi Kula responds to Jewish reaction to the lifting of the ban of excommunication

Vatican demands Bishop Richard Williamson to retract his statements on the Holocaust

YouTube participant comments of the PTWF Symposium on Pope Pius XII

Gary and Meredith Krupp Radio interview in Rome on the work of PTWF


PTWF Meets with Pope Benedict XVI to report results of the symposium

PTWF Announces our symposium in Rome of the Papacy of Pius XII

Italian News Coverage of PTWF discovery re: Pius XII

PTWF meets with Pope Benedict XVI announce symposium

Progress in negotiations between the Vatican and Israel

President of PTWF meets with Pope Benedict XVI

Pave the Way Foundation invited  to meet with Pope Benedict XVI

Iraqi Ayatollah urges Muslims to mind laws

UK: Muslim leaders issue letter to improve relations with Jewish community

Pave the Way Foundation Investigating the Papacy of Pope Pius XII

PTWF honors Two Distinguished men of Long Island

PTWF Praises the Israeli decision to Affirm THEOPHILOS III

Muslims Issue Ruling on Terror

PTWF Urges the Israeli Government to Expedite Affirmation of Theophilos III

PTWF Participates in the World Conference on Dialogue Among Religions

Pope Attacks Iran at Jewish Congress

Open Letter from 130 Muslim leaders to the World Wide Christian leaders

Pave the Way Foundation "Paves the way" to peace  in Palestine

  Pave the Way Foundation Applauds the Sunni and Shi'a Religious Leaders for Their Efforts in Defending Islam and to Achieve Peace

A Fatwa Against Violence

Is the Media our friend or our Foe?

The Media's role in international conflicts

Jewish kaddish, Catholic psalms at Notre Dame for funeral of Jewish-born French cardinal

Pave the Way Foundation working to improve Multi-religious tourism in Israel and the Holy Land

Religious extremists in 3 faiths share views--report

Islamic Center of Long Island Donates the cost of gifts to poor Jewish and Christian mothers in Israel

'Nazi' Pope helped Jews flee Holocaust

Chicago scholar to discuss Jewish/Christian views

Sharing a meal and making friends

Bridging Easter and Passover calls for grace and patience

New Islamic Party seeks the Center

Pave the Way Foundation Provides Help to Muslim, Christian and Jewish Mothers in Jerusalem

Gift Places Historic Gospel Text In Heart Of Church

Pope Benedict XVI Honors Gary Krupp of New York for Work With Pave the Way Foundation

Pave the Way Foundation Invited to Address 100 Ambassadors to the Court of St. James in London (statement Mr. Krupp made to the Ambassadors)

The Bodmer Papyrus is now at the Vatican- for worldwide learning

Saudi Reformists Struggle To ‘Halt Violence’

Did Pius XII save the lives of Jews?

PTWF is honored by the Franciscan Custody in the Holy Land

Church leaders to visit Bethlehem

Pave the Way Foundation Urges Israeli Government to Affirm new Greek Orthodox Church Leader

Pope Pius XII: "Be proud to be a Jew"

Pave the Way Foundation honors the Vatican Library

The Jewish Roots of Christianity

The pope and Kissinger warn the world

The Vatican Secret Archive Has  Opened a New Mine for Historians

Eyewitness: Pius XII Saved Jews In Lisbon From Nazi Threat

Scotland’s First Minister Holds Historical Summit with Faith Leaders

The untapped solution to Terrorism

Archbishop of Canterbury and Chief Rabbis of Israel Sign Historic Agreement

PTWF sponsors the first exhibit of Pope John Paul II at a Jewish Museum

Pave the Way Foundation accompanies Pope Benedict XVI to Poland

Vatican's ambassador to the United Nations bestows the "Servitor Pacis" award on Mr. Gary Krupp

Pave the Way Calls the World to Heed the Words of Pope Benedict

Pave the Way issues a call to action for all the world's religions

Pave the Way Encourages Special Observance of 9/11

Historic Vatican Library loan of Hebrew Manuscript to the Israel Museum

Pave the Way initiates the largest Jewish Audience to say Thank you to Pope John Paul II

Pave the Way Sponsors a star-studded benefit concert in Venice Italy to benefit Padre Pio Hospital

Most Venerable Order of St. John Confers Rank of Officer Brother

Pope John Paul II Bestows a Pontifical Honor on Gary Krupp