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Charitable and Commemoration Projects of PTWF

PTWF is actively seeking support for some of these important charitable projects. Each have their own aspect of universal benefit to help all Christian Jewish and Muslim Israelis.  100% of any donations accepted for these projects will go to the specified project.

Project baby to help poor Muslim, Jewish and Christian moms in Israel

Ammunition Hill Monument in Jerusalem -
The Rock of the  Recruits

PTWF Treasurer Harry Epstein distributing blanketsBlanket project for Poor Holocaust survivors in Jerusalem

Pope John Paul II monument

Tea Kettles for the Elderly in Jerusalem

Philippine Monument of the efforts of the Philippine government to save Jews during the Holocaust.

Soup Kitchen in Jerusalem- All who are hungry are welcome. Christian, Jewish or Muslim.

Life saving emergency services in Israel


Friends of Good Health- Inter-religious doctors and participants come together to bring medical services to the disadvantaged.

"The Prodigal Son" Sculpture by Sam Philipe of Israel. PTWF has organized this Christian theme to the Revi Karuna Karan Memorial Museum  in Alleppey, India. An Israeli  Jewish sculptor creates a Christian monument to be exhibited in India.

  "The Camaraderie in Arms Statue"  Bronze monument created by Sam Philipe is a monument to be erected on Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem. Erected December 20, 2011

 Magav Border police projects of charity

  Mt. Zion Children's Holocaust memorial