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Maimonides Manuscript loan to the Israel Museum from the  Vatican Library- PTWF initiated the first loan in history from the Vatican Library  to the State of Israel-

Bodmer Papyrus Project -PTWF played a pivotal role in discovering the availability and ultimately locating a donor to acquire this papyri for world wide learning. This is one of the most important writings in Christianity as the oldest version of the Gospel of St. John and the Gospel of St. Luke

Maimonides Project - Initiated by PTWF, we arranged first, a historic religious meeting to view part of the Vatican collection. Second, we requested the loan of rare manuscripts to Israel and third, we have initiated the digitizing of these manuscripts for world wide learning... more...

Pope  John Paul II and the Jewish People- A Blessing to one another- Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York  

Cantorial Concert  The first concert ever in the Great Synagogue of Rome... more...

Concerts of Understanding and Commemoration Pave sponsored events in the United States and Europe in order to foster understanding and to commemorate... more...  

Christian and Judaic exhibition  in the United States and in the Vatican Museum  Coming soon


                   Concert to benefit  Padre Pio Hospital




















Planning the Maimonides Loan





                                                                                The gift of the Bodmer Papyrus 


PTWF Facilitated the of the 14 foot Bronze Doors of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome