Student Interaction

Officials of the Israeli Consulate
in New York

Gary Krupp of Pave the Way with representatives of
Communion and Liberation

Communion and Liberation is a fifty-year-old program initiated in Italy, which involves Catholic high school and college students throughout 75 countries, including United States. This program promotes establishment of meeting facilities, where the students can gather after normal classes and participate in an array of activities. Communion and Liberation also offers vacations, where groups from all over the country come to meet and share experiences. In cooperation with the Israeli Consulate General in New York, Communion and Liberation, and Human Adventure Corporation, Pave the Way has initiated a program that includes Jewish youth organizations, to join in cooperative sessions with the Catholic groups, where cultural and religious qualities can be shared and mutually celebrated. The Israeli government will supply speakers to answer questions about Israel. We are hoping to invite many of these students to come to Israel and enable Jewish lifestyle and culture to be shared with Catholic children, around the world.

We are initiating the program in New York with plans to expand through the US, and then other Nations involving the Consular offices of the Israeli government, convenient to each locality. We are extremely excited about the positive prospect of this project and the dividends it will pay in promoting understanding and tolerance into the next generation of children. The first event will be hosted by the Israeli Consulate with over 100 C & L high school and college students.

Pave the Way has initiated the inclusion of the State of Israel as a participant in the annual C & L weeklong event in Rimini, Italy. Described as a state fair including cultural exchanges, athletics and religion, this one week long event draws all most 1 million visitors including Heads of State and religious leaders from all over the world. Israel's participation will enhance tourism. Ambassador Ben-Hur plans to bring the Israeli Minister of Tourism together with the Palestinian Minister of Tourism for future meetings.


Israel Ambassador to the Holy See H.E. Ambassador Oded Ben-Hur at the Rimini Meeting August 2005, for the first time ever.