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Pave the Way Foundation honors and recognized  the religious reconciliation of Pope John Paul II-   January 2005, PTWF organized the largest Jewish audience in history to meet privately with Pope John Paul II, to thank him for his great strides in religious reconciliation

Bodmer Papyrus Project PTWF played a pivotal role in discovering the availability and ultimately locating a donor to acquire this papyri for world wide learning. This is one of the most important writings in Christianity as the oldest version of the Gospel of St. John and the Gospel of St. Luke. 

Digitize priceless manuscripts- PTWF "paved the way" for a Jewish gift of education to the Vatican Library and the Franciscan's of Israel

Pope Pius XII  PTWF has undertaken a project to enable the investigation of the Papacy of Pope Pius XII. This time in history has been a source of friction between the Jewish people and the Roman Catholic Church.

Exhibit of "a Blessing to One Another" Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People

Israeli Airport security education- PTWF developed a manual of etiquette to help to train Israeli security personnel in response to Christian criticism.

PTWF initiates Catholic Jewish social gathering to meet socially to indentify common grounds - We believe that many stereo typical impressions can be broken by such meet and greets, which can go a long way to solve problems and misunderstandings.

Birmingham Project Pave the way is initiating the first Children's Conference on religious tolerance

Lecture series-  "Islam and Judaism- closer than further away" Recognizing the greatest underlying reason for bigotry and prejudice is ignorance about one another. This deficit is what provides those who wish to advance their own agenda use this tool. PTWF is sponsoring these lectures to educate about the facts and realities of the religions.

Wadowice Project Working with Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz, Pave the Way has begun plans to build a monument in Poland to Commemorate the reconciliatory life of Pope John Paul II.C&L and Rimini Communion and Liberation is a fifty-year-old program initiated in Italy, which involves Catholic high school and college students throughout 75 countries, including United States.

Philippine Monument in Rishon LeZion, Israel- During World War II the Philippine government issues 30,000 passports to help Jewish victims of the Nazi death camps survive. The City of Rishon, Israel, the Philippine4 government, and many private individuals have come together to erect a monument called "Open Doors" to commemorate this act of humanity in Rishon Israel. 

Ammunition Hill Monument in Jerusalem - The Rock of the  Recruits

SENSE Conference Pave the Way promoted a seminar conference on Long Island, with the cooperation of the South East Nassau Synagogue Enterprise (SENSE) and the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

Seminary Conference Seminary Conference for Vatican Israeli Relations

Alexandria Declaration Documentary Documentary on the Words and Spirit of the Alexandria Declaration

Pave the Way Foundation interacts with every "positive" belief and religion to engage them in the notion we must return to the message rather then the method of religion. Throughout history the common element that has been used to further separate us, in a spiritual sense, was the notion that I know how to pray better then you or the almighty listens to me and not you or you are part of a cult not a religion. This reality is the means that has caused the separation of churches and the splintering of the religious within each faith. Now, with a sense of urgency, PTWF reaches out to everyone  to at least come together in the common message of benevolence of each faith system, to oppose those who have used religion for their own sinister agenda. With the introduction of weapons of mass destruction the reality is that long before global warming ends life on this planet, religious zealots and extremist will cause life to cease.

Lifting the Ban of Excommunication by the Vatican Recent controversy on Pope Benedict XVI action to lift the ban of excommunication- What does this really mean?

                  Bodmer Papyrus Rome news report in Spanish


 "Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People-A Blessing to one  another" Exhibit  sponsored by PTWF in  New York



 Signing ceremony of the Alexandria Declaration  for peace in the Holy Land