Investigating the papacy of  Pope Pius XII


Is Pope Pius XII a Righteous Gentile or Hitler's Pope?  Please watch this  56 minute  Power Point  you decide


In furtherance of the mission of PTWF, we are tasked to remove obstacles between the religions. Mindful of this, we have initiated the independent investigation of the Papacy of Pope Pius XII. This time in history has been a source of friction between the Jews and Catholics since 1963.


PTWF has privately undertaken an extensive investigation of this historical period. We have conducted in depth interviews and used our access to identify significant documents of this tumultuous time in history. We believe that our work will result in helping to eliminate one of the greatest obstacles in religious unity.


Below are the in depth interviews conducted by PTWF to try to uncover new information of this controversial period in history. I think you will find these interviews very surprising, so take your time in reviewing them.


Please note that we are not professional historians or academics. We are simply attempting to locate and make available all information about this period to the widest possible audience in order to come to understand the "true history." We believe through this work that we may one day see this major cause of inter-religious friction resolved.



We encourage international historians and scholars to access our restricted page containing a  vast collection of documents for study.


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Rome's H2O news report on PTWF Audience with Pope Beneedict XVI








Video- 97 Year old Msgr Centioni saved Jews through the secret underground society of Pope Pius XII


Video-Revealing informative Power point by Prof. Ronald Rychlak


Video- Interview with Msgr Giovanni Ferrofino - 96 year old retired priest who personally carried out directives of Pope Pius XII to save Jews from 1939 -1945. Pope Pius XII secretly shuttled Jews out of Portugal and Spain to the Dominican Republic


Video- Interview with Sir Martin Gilbert  one of the World's most respected historians on WWII

Sir Martin Gilbert on Pius XII


Video- Interview with Vatican Historian Fr. Peter Gumpel S.J. This video is in chapters, which answers  many of the essential questions


Video - Interview with Bishop Sergio Pagano, Prefect of the Vatican Secret Archives explains 

 -Why haven't the Vatican Secret Archives been opened ?

Video- International News Correspondent and author Dan Kurzman Book  Special Mission- The  Secret Plot to Kidnap Pope Pius XII 

Video- Interview with Sr. Margherita Marchione- dedicated decades to investigate the Papacy of Pope Pius XII

Video- Jaraj Adam Hungarian Jew saved by the Vatican’s Nuncio in Budapest and worked to save other Jews in Hungary with  the  nunciature

Video- Michael Tagliacozzo Israeli Jew saved by the Vatican in Rome. Mr Tagliacozzo is the archivist of the largest collection of documents of the war in Italy in Beth Lohame Haghettaot western Galilee in Israel

Transcript of telephone interview with Michael Tagliacozzo April 2009


Video- PTWF Meets with Pope Benedict XVI to announce the symposium


Video- PTWF Meets with Pope Benedict XVI to Report results of the symposium in Rome September 18, 2008


Video- H20 News Service and Inside the Vatican Magazine  produces and informative video-

 Pius XII and  the Jews.


Radio Interview- Radio Interview of Professor Ron Rychlak on the debate


Vatican Radio Interview-  with Gary Krupp Jewish Survivors June 18, 2008

Vatican Radio Interview- Gary Krupp at the conclusion of the symposium

Vatican radio Interview- Fr Peter Gumpel

Savage Nation Interview United States- Gary Krupp on the Michael Savage Show


Gary Krupp interview on EWTN on the research of Pope Pius XII 

Interview in French

Gary Krupp Interview on NET TV Brooklyn New York

 PTWF Book of Documents,  Pope Pius XII And World War II- THE DOCUMENTED TRUTH: A Compilation of International Evidence Revealing the Wartime Acts of the Vatican                                                                                                                                                 

POPE PIUS XII AND THE JEWS: WHY SHOULD HE  BE BEATIFIED? by    Vincent A. Lapomarda published in Polish in Zaglada Żydów, Studia I Materialy as Papież Pius XII i Żydzi. Diaczego powinien zostać beatyfikowany?”  [“Pope Pius XII and the Jews: Why Should He Be Beatified?”] in Zaglada Żydów, Studia I Materialy, vol. 5 (2009)

Prof. Sanfilippo was a member of CEANA, which was established by the Argentine government to study its postwar involvement in sheltering war criminals. Prof. Sanfilippo found a letter by Msgr. Montini expressing moral outrage at Hudal's suggestion that the Vatican help war criminals.

Prof Sanfilippo's detailed report in Spanish

Detailed report on the failed 1999 Catholic Jewish Commision to Study the Acts of the Holy See during the Second World War 

This is the PDF of a Four part series of the transcript of our interview with Father Peter Gumpel SJ,  the relator (high Judge) for the cause of Pius XII. The video of this transcript can be viewed on our Interview page. Fr. Peter has reviewed over 100,000 pages of original documents and eye witness testimony and is considered the world's expert onthe secrete actions of Pope Pius XII. This article has been running in The Angelus Magazine

1966 Look Magazine article on Pope Pius XII and the Third Reich- This article has frank discussions of many of the diplomatic messages during the war and commentary by the secretary to Pope Pius XII, Fr. Robert Leiber SJ -  Thanks to Mr. Dimitri Cavalli for this article

Universal Jewish and Israeli gratitude to Pope Pius XII prior to the fictitious play The Deputy  

Objective study by Prof. Michael Marrus debunking the theory Pope Pius XII kidnapped thousand of Jewish children after WWII. thanks to Professor Michael Marrus

Why did the world change it's opinion of Pius XII? by Prof. Ronald Rychlak

Rebuttal to Hitler's Pope by Prof. Ronald Rychlak

Cover of the book Hitler's Pope with deceiving caption

The Nation of Slovakia and Papal efforts to mitigate suffering- by Prof. Ronald Rychlak

Transcript of our interview with Msgr. Giovanni Ferrofino who relates how he was physically with Pope Pius XII and sent to Portugal to obtain visas for fleeing Jews. He was then was sent to the Dominican Republic where two times per year he would receive a double encrypted telegram from Pope Pius XII asking General Trujillo to issue visas to allow Jews to come to the DR. Pius XII saved over 10,000 European Jews by obtaining passage and visas from 1939-1945 and further routing this people to the US.

Intervention of Pius XII to save the Jews in Slovakia. An  explanation from the book written by Fr Pierre Blet (English) of the frustration and efforts 1940-1944, to stop the deportation of the Jews. Included, are the copies of the documents referencing the identification of these various documents from the 11 volumes of The Actes Et Documents Du Saint Siege Relatifs A La Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Written and headed up by Fr. Blet. We thank William Doino for this addition.

Israeli diplomat and historian, Pinchas Lapide confirms above information on Slovakia in his book Three Popes and the Jews

Transcription of the interview with Juraj Adam, a Hungarian Jew who was not only saved  by the Nuncio to Hungary but worked at the nuncio orders to save hundreds of Jews who were marked for death

Transcript of an interview with Michael Tagliacozzo- A Roman Jewish Survivor who heads up the Holocaust archives of the war in Italy in Haifa, Israel- Thanks to Dr Robert Moynihan


Inside Vatican Magazine interview with Fr Aldo Brunacci- Discusses the secret letter sent to his Bishop Nicolini from the Vatican Secretary of State instructing them to do everything possible to assist the Jews Thanks to Dr Robert Moynihan


Important research document called "High Treason" by Michael Hesemann on Pope Pius XII's involvement with the conspirators of the plot to assassinate  Adolph Hitler  known as  "Operation Valkyre".


Article from a former KGB agent detailing how the Soviet Union planned and executed the demonizing of the Vatican in the 1960's with the financing and detailing of the fictitious play The Deputy   by (Former KGB agent)  Ion Mihai Pacepa  Moscow's Assault of the Vatican-


A Question o f Judgment Pius XII and the Jews- An Article by the Late Joseph Lichten of the Anti-Defamation League

History of the Graham Documents, 25000 documents and interviews on Pius XII relations and intervention for the Jewish people during the war

Archbishop Eugenio Pacelli intervenes in 1917  to save the Jews of Palestine- Dr. Michael Hesemann

(German)  Power Point of the efforts of Eugenio Pacelli- Dr. Michael Hesemann

Article of the involvement of Pacelli on behalf of the Jews of Palestine by Michael Hesemann CSC

Four unpublished articles from the Augustinian nuns who were ordered by Pope Pius XII to sheltered the Jews in Rome and testimony from the survivors





Comments from Participant on YouTube


 Remarks of Pope Benedict XVI  to Pave the Way Foundation


PDF book- International coverage of the symposium on the internet



Rome Reports interviews from our symposium


Left is Dr. Robert Moynihan's  interview with Jewish historian Michael Tagliacozzo, responsible for the Beth Lohame Haghettaot of Haifa, Israel  (Center of Studies on the Shoah and Resistance in Italy  and Mr. Juraj Adam a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust who worked with the nuncio of Hungary to save Jews.          

   Important articles indicating the current notion on Pius XII is incorrect                              

Article by Sr. Margherita Marchione dealing with the clarification of the Papacy of Pius XII

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