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Investigating the papacy of  Pope Pius XII

Truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it. - Maimonides


With the opening of the new Yad Vashem (Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem) exhibit  in 2005, there was  an historically incorrect placard erected in the "Hall of Shame", There was a international outcry  to remove these troubling remarks. PTWF was asked to intercede to attempt to resolve this obstacles, which has plagued Jewish Catholic relations for the past 47 years.


On July 1, 2012, after six years of work to identify and post on  line over 76000 pages of documents, news articles, official published works and including eye witness interviews, Yad Vashem revised their controversial placard to reflect a more accurate and balanced view.  PTWF has applauded this move towards historical accuracy that Yad Vashem  has taken.


In furtherance of the mission of PTWF, we are attempting to remove obstacles between the religions. Mindful of this, we have initiated the independent investigation of the Papacy of Pope Pius XII. This time in history has been a source of friction between the Jews and Catholics.


PTWF has privately undertaken an extensive investigation of this historical period. We have conducted in depth interviews. We believe that our work help to eventually will result in eliminating one of the greatest obstacles in religious unity.  We also suggest that you  search the Palestine Post archives for some revealing articles and the archives of the New York Times.


Our data is organized as follows:


The complete collection of over 76,000 pages of documents, newspaper articles, video testimonies, and important articles, relative to the papacy of Pope Pius XII, is on our restricted page, which requires registration at no charge.                 REGISTER   


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Below is the new placard (L) placed July 1, 2012 to next to the old placard (R)




Link to a revealing and informative presentation " A Hand of Peace" produced by Canadian Television  Salt and Light



Opening remarks of the PTWF Symposium on the documentation discovered on the papacy of Pope Pius XII





Comments from Participant on YouTube


Gary Krupp remarks to Pope Benedict XVI


 Remarks of Pope Benedict XVI  to Pave the Way Foundation


PDF book- International coverage of the symposium on the internet


76,000 pages of orginal documents, eye witness videos, study sessions and news articles 

Is Pope Pius XII a Righteous Gentile or Hitler's Pope?  Watch this  narrated Power Point  then you decide

Gary Krupp interview on EWTN on the research of Pope Pius XII




Rome Reports interviews from our symposium


Pope Benedict XVI responds to Pave the Way Foundation





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