SENSE Conference

Former Israeli Ambassador to the Holy See Oded Ben-Hur

Fr. David Jaeger

A Part of the SENSE Committee

Pave the Way sponsored and participated in a seminar conference on Long Island, with the cooperation of the South East Nassau Synagogue Enterprise (SENSE) and the Diocese of Rockville Centre. We will brought guest speakers from Rome and Jerusalem to discuss Catholic Jewish relations and the relations between the State of Israel and the Holy See. We educated the audience to the importance of maintaining the momentum of the reconciliation.

Education is key, since the level of ignorance about each of the religions is surprisingly high. Inter-religious leaders and the legal representative to the Holy Land Fr. David Jaeger participated.  His Excellency Oded Ben-Hur, Israeli Ambassador to the Vatican came to New York for the conference. The conference is a three-day event featuring our guest speakers at Friday and Saturday services in the Synagogues, with both Jewish and Catholic worshipers and Sunday Masses in the local Catholic Church. The conference was held November 5,6& 7, 2004.

Israeli Ambassador to the Holy See Oded Ben-Hur



Bishop of the Diocese of Rockville Centre-Bishop William Murphy


PTWF Advisor and Director of the Center for Interreligious Understanding Rabbi Jack Bemporad

Rabbi Jack Bemporad, Amb Oded Ben-Hur
Bishop William Murphy and Gary Krupp of
Pave the Way Foundation





Legal Representative and Spokesperson for the
Franciscan Custody in Israel Fr. David Jaeger

Fr. Priamo Itzi Assoc. Dean of the Antonianum University Rome