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PTWF seeks to identify and eliminate non theological obstacles between the faiths   

Truth does not  become more true by virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it, nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it."

Maimonides....Moreh Nevuchim 2:15


Obstacle-  Working to re-open the Halki Seminary in Turkey





Obstacle- Working to remove diplomatic obstacles between Israel and the Holy See....more





Obstacle- Working with the Palestinian Wasatia Forum to promote peace in the Holy Land... more





Obstacle-Finalize affirmation of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem ....more






Obstacle- Investigation of the papacy of Pope Pius XII







           Obstacle - working with  Israeli  authorities to enhance  tourist visits and initiating a training program of security personnel.....more




         Obstacle - Controversy surrounding the lifting of the ban of excommunication with the Society of  Pius XI