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PTWF Projects for Peace   

Bringing Muslims together to help the Greek Orthodox Church in Turkey- When the Turkish government demanded that all of teh schools should be secular, the Greek Orthodox Seminary was closed in 1971. This has cayuse a great strain of the Christian Orthodox world denying the Greek Church the reight to educate their religious leaders. Pave The Way Foundation initiated a project with our Muslim partners from the Islamic Center of Long Island to rally Islamic support to open the seminary. July 5, 2012, the highest Muslim authority inTurkey joine din this request.

Improving Relations Between Vatican and the State of Israel   When diplomatic relations started with Israel on Dec 30, 1993, a few important issues were never settled and remain outstanding today. Improved relations, with the Holy See, will have enormous benefits to Israel both economically and politically.

Improving Relations within the Orthodox Church The challenge is to overcome historical disagreements that have hindered the universal message of peace that is common to all faiths.

PTWF supports the principles of The Alexandria Declaration for Peace in the Holy Land  Religious leaders from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities, pray for true peace in Jerusalem and the Holy Land, and declare our commitment to ending the violence and bloodshed that denies the right to life and dignity.

Projects for Peace in the Middle East  - Live and Practice �Shalom and Salaam� --don�t just say it- Through a mutually beneficial prosperity plan, we hope to create an environment where hatred and violence will take a back seat to building a future and raising a family.

Palestinian-Israeli Prosperity Plan-This plan is simply designed to reduce one of the fundamental factors, which contribute to hostilities and acts of violence. A basic human need is to have a meaningful job in a peaceful environment.

Promoting Christian Tourism in the Holy Land Throughout the tumultuous history of the Middle East each conflict has resulted in a decimation of the tourism industry. This has only fueled the conflicts since it directly impacts the livelihood of everyone in the region. Our work to change the course of these events is making significant progress.

Problem Solving    Pave the Way has interceded to head off potential problems between the religions in Israel.

Palestinian- Israeli Peace  Throughout our travels in the Middle East, the predominant message we hear from Palestinians and Israelis is that they all genuinely want peace. This is in direct contrast to the media representation of the conditions in the region. PTWF is working with prominent Palestinians to give their people another choice to focus on finally working for peaceful co-existence with the Israelis.

Affirmation of His Beatitude Theophilos III Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem  PTWF is urging the Israeli government and the Jordanian Kingdom, to grant immediate affirmation to the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem in the interest of improving inter-religious relations and assuring freedom of religion devoid of political influence.

Media's role in International conflicts- As we collectively attempt to analyze the contributing factors of the conflicts which engulf our world, the media's role in these conflicts have traditionally been a taboo subject and is left unsaid. The civilized world must come to realize this major tool, used by every side,  needs to be reformed for good and to fulfill its mandate. News must be reported without opinion or bias.

PTWF works with the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem- PTWF works with the Armenian Church to encourage gestures between  the faiths and to encourage new pilgrimages to come to the Holy Land which benefits everyone on the region.

PTWF particpates in positive projects of Inter-religous action  in France     PTWF representative in Lyon Dr. Costantino Fiore initates postive inter-relgious efforts with all of the relgious communities                            











left to right- Former Palestinian Foreign Minister Nasser Al-Kidwa  with Br. David Carroll and Gary Krupp of PTWF,  Palestinian founder of the Wasatia Party for peace Professor Dr. Munther Dajani , meeting with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Al-Sheikh Muhammad Almad Husean.


Something we strive for - Jerusalem- City of Peace by Martin Hult