Promotion of Peace in the Middle East

A tragic result of hostilities has been the decimation of the economy on all sides of the conflict. Through a mutually beneficial prosperity plan, we hope to create an environment where hatred and violence will take a back seat to building a future and raising a family. When a well-defined Palestinian governmental structure, with full control and responsibility is identified, a project such as the prosperity plan can commence even without a definitive peace plan in the region. The project will be completely owned, operated and constructed by local Palestinians. This will remove any suspicion of outside involvement.

Prosperity Plan

This plan is simply designed to reduce one of the fundamental factors, which contribute to hostilities and acts of violence. A basic human need is to have a meaningful job in a peaceful environment, where citizens have the opportunity to earn enough income to support their family. It is obvious, that people, who live in an environment where 60% unemployment exists, are prone to hostilities and violence and is fertile ground for recruitment into extremist philosophy. This economic plan is designed to build a self-sufficient economy where one does not now exist. As each project succeeds, duplication will be used to expand this throughout the territories. By pairing new Palestinian companies with Israeli manufacturers and suppliers, the benefits will be equally shared. Mutually beneficial relationships can be built on a one to one level.

This economic plan will encourage the building of manufacturing facilities and multiple retail businesses in target villages in the Palestinian territory. We will identify Israeli manufacturers or distributors to pair with the project Palestinian company in order to supply these new businesses with product to sell and assembly factory work. Pave the Way will oversee the construction of prefabricated structures or renovation of existing buildings to save setup time. Each building and each business tenant will be locally owned. We will identify young Palestinian entrepreneurs, with the help of local authorities and universities in the region, and existing business owners in the region. We will establish a financing authority, which will finance the setup costs of each company and will collect the purchase price from the new business owners. Each individual will purchase his business. We will maintain an incubator type advisory entity, which will minimize startup expenses, and be available to advise the owners, when confronted with problems.

An important factor is that Pave the Way Foundation is made up of business and religious leaders, whose goals are non-political and without an agenda or national bias. A neutral stance is essential to achieve trust from all parties involved.


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Prosperity Plan



"Believers, Jews, Christians, and Sabaeans -- whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does what is right -- shall be rewarded by their Lord; they have nothing to fear or to regret."  Qur'an 2:68