Working toward Palestinian - Israeli Peace

Gary Krupp brings the manual of Wasatia to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Throughout the history of the modern State of Israel, peace has eluded all of the people of the region PTWF is working with prominent Palestinians who wish to give the Palestinian people another choice. Contrary to media coverage of this region, the Palestinians and the Israelis desperately want peace. The media seems to only report on the exceptional few extremists. The truth is all of of the people from both sides have the same message. For three generations we have been at war and we don't want our children to have to continue this.

The Dajani family is beginning a movement towards starting a third electoral party in Palestine. PTWF is committed to help make this a reality.

 In Dr. Dajani's own words you can see the essence of the Wasatia Party:

"Wasatia is a concept extracted from the Arabic word "wasat" which means "middle of the road", and "center of the circle". It is used in Arabic to mean also "balance" "moderation". In the Holy Quran, it is used to mean "goodness", "righteousness", "justice", and "straightforwardness" . Wasat is said to be that which is in the midst of extremes such as hot and cold, rich and poor, empty and full, generosity and stinginess, courage and cowardice.
It is time for wasatia creed to emerge and rise in the Moslem world that it may draw the best and the brightest from among the Moslem community. The new initiative adopts the wasatiah Islamic tradition and the shura Islamic concept as its main pillars. Al-Wasatiah calls for Muslims to take mid-ground that stands between those who sanctify strict tradition and those who opt for rational thinking in reading and explaining the Holy Quran in compliance with the Surah in the Holy Quran: ً{And so we have created you a midway nation.}
The wasatia concept is reflected also in many other verses in the Quran such as:  {Be neither miserly nor prodigal, for then you should either earn reproach or be reduced to penury.} Al-shurah Islamic tradition advocates collective and consultative decision-making.
The goal will remain to seek peace and move to the center away from radicalism. The wasatia road taken in conflict resolution is negotiation, not confrontation. It is not win-lose situation but the win-win situation"
  - Dr Munther S. Dajani, Professor, Dean, Faculty of Arts Al Quds University-Jerusalem






Professors Munther and Mohammad Dajani meeting in Jerusalem with Aleksandar Simic, Gary Krupp and Meredith Krupp of  PTWF

Wasatia Office

Holy books of all religions are displayed at the Wasatia office with the teachings of tolerance and understanding of other faiths

PTWF Hebrew Translation of WASATIA Book

English translation of the WASATIA book

New Islamic party seeks the center

Article in Arabic on the Wasatia Party

Explanatory article on true Islam and Wasatia by Prof. Mohammad Dajani

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