Problem Solving

Eliminating problems and misunderstandings between the religions and governmental entities has enormous importance. Too many times, erroneous and inflammatory press reports have created artificial obstacles. We know when there are genuine disagreements to engage without having the artificial problems created by those with a different agendas make matters worse.

Pave the Way remains diligent, to counter erroneous press reports, by responding immediately and eliminating the questionable policy or clarifying the issues.

An unauthorized policy was put into place, demanding that anyone wishing to enter the Palestinian territories must have  written authorization from the Israeli government. A handout was given to all newly arriving tourist. PTWF was notified that this policy will create a major clash between the religions and further depress the already decimated tourism industry. We immediately inquired with the Israeli Ambassador to the Holy See Oded Ben-Hur and he acted immediately to remove this potentially damaging policy.


Ben Gurion Handout

A change in the ministry of the Interior of Israel, caused a temporary backlog of visa renewals. PTWF was contacted about some very damaging press reports in Italy. The reports claimed that none of the visas were being renewed, of the Catholic caretakers in Israel. It further said that they were all subject to arrest and expulsion. We immediately contacted f the Ministry of the Interior, and alerted him to this press report. An emergency session of the Ministry was called and 50% of the visas were renewed within 2 weeks ending the problem.

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