PTWF is exploring the notion of helping to remove historic obstacles from those within the same faith. We are exploring historic projects that will "pave the way" to improve relations between good men of all religions.

Gary Krupp and Bennett Solberg of  PTWF, meet with the Ukrainian Archbishop of the United States H.Em. Archbishop Vsevolod of Scopelos

Gary and Meredith Krupp meeting in Macedonia with Stefan Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia and with H.E. Agatangel, Metropolitan of Povardarie and H.E. Pimen, Metropolitan of Europe

Meeting with the representatives of  the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece in Athens, Greece. Fr. Stephen Arrnides Archimandrite Fr.Gabriel Papanikolaou.

Meeting with Theophilos III Greek Orthodox Patriarch of  Jerusalem

PTWF meeting with Bishop Christomos. and  Nebojsa Topolic of the Serbian Orthodox Church

PTWF with the Syrian and Russian Orthodox Churches